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Designed to Fit Each Client

Designed to Fit Each Client

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Corner Tab has never been a company to pigeon hole itself into one or two different types of clients. It has more to do with if the project fit is right for both parties. We assess each opportunity from various angles to help determine the best direction for moving forward. Over time the right fit has surfaced inside a few core industry types.

Again, these are not the only customers we work with, but they are part of the majority. Rarely is there a substitute for experience and our experience in these industries can be beneficial to potential clients looking to broaden or improve their branding and marketing approach.

Whether it is a website design with a strategic online lead generation plan, a fresh new logo and identity package design, or a selective series of custom graphics and print collateral, we always approach each opportunity with eagerness.


Believe us, no successful website can be up and running in 10 minutes. It makes us laugh when we hear online companies promoting their product this way. You may be able to get a general page or two built based off of a template, but that is light years from a refined website. We have been building websites for almost 20 years now and the construction methods have transformed immensely. But, we have yet to build one in 10 minutes and don't ever intend to be able to.

Building successful websites is an involved process with many stages and steps. There is visual web design, user interface, content architecture and generation, search engine indexing and optimization, performance analytics, social media networking, conversion strategies and much more. It requires a whole lot of decision making, structuring and coordination. But it's our goal to simplify this process for you.

We want to take the complexity of building websites out of your hands. It's not necessary for our customers to get wrapped up in the technicalities unless they just like that sort of thing. Instead we separate the backend jargon and help them focus on simple, core principles like presentation, clarity of message, and showcase offerings. You want your website to make things easier, not convolute things, and that is our intention.

Check out our website design examples to get a feel for our work.

Logos & Identity

Ah yes, the logo. A proper starting point when building any brand graphically. It ends up displayed on business cards, white papers, online media, email signatures, storefronts, company vehicles and any where else you can afford to sticker it down. To say the least, you want it to be right. But it's just your name, a little icon and perhaps a tagline... how hard can it be to come up with one?

We think logo and identity design is worthy of some exploration, because the first concept you come up with is rarely the best. We like to develop options, different directions that communicate similarly, but with varied tones. Your logo should say a lot about the character and attitude of your business. How does the colors feel? What is the mark saying? Is it legible? Is it complimentary of who you are and how you want your company recognized? There are many things to consider.

A professional logo is often what all subsequent graphic design grows out of and the more familiar it is to your customers, the more they will remember you. Let us present you with a number of design choices. For starters, take a look at a few examples.

Graphics & Print

In many situations there are still advantages to print media in our digital world. It's all around us: posters, business cards, collateral documents and brochures, publications, ads, signage, car wraps and billboards, this stuff is constantly produced for marketing and communication every day, and we don't see it going away any time soon.

Print collateral has more importance for some than others, but one major advantage it carries is focus. Print is static, concise and targeted. Often digital media brings along distractions by displaying multiple attention grabbers, each fighting for a read. But print allows for a singular focus and eliminates unrelated noise. As long as you can hold the reader's attention, the message is transferred loud and clear without dilution. But you can't take it for granted.

Just like any other media, print should be well thought out and all design and composition principles apply. Consider, how will you peak the reader's interest? What is the quickest, most streamline way to deliver your message? Are you including all the crucial information? How should the piece represent your company? Often you get one chance before it goes in the round file, so you have to make it count.

We welcome the opportunity to help! Here are some of our past examples.


Websites are marketing central these days and a successful one should perform on a number of levels.

Logos & Identity

Your company brand starts with a logo. It speaks to your customers, but are they paying attention?

Graphics & Print

Alluring graphics and print that informs your audience. How might you leverage it's valuable attraction?

Core Focus Areas

We welcome a diverse client base, but there are a few core focus areas that we have commonly excelled in.