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A Streamlined Approach

Government Agencies depend heavily on their websites to be an information liaison. To educate and direct specific members and the general public to the answers they need without the overwhelming requirement for phone calls and other forms of one-on-one communication. It's not that government websites seek to take all the personal service out of the agencies they represent, but only to eliminate redundant and unnecessary legwork that can limit internal resources. These websites are often frequented by large volumes of traffic, many people with many questions, and the more that can be resolved by a well organized, highly functional and informative website, the better the agency is likely to operate.

So how is that done? Well, it starts with focused planning and development. Corner Tab works alongside the agency individuals and committees in order to audit and sort through their content and data. We ask questions. Where can things be simplified? Are there elements that can be trimmed or eliminated? Is there something missing or something that needs more explanation and nurturing? We work to collect valuable input that will inevitably drive the format of the site and decide exactly how much and what kind of content is needed.

Corner Tab has been involved with the design and construction of a number of North Carolina Government websites over the past two decades such as, The Town of Fuquay-Varina, The Town of Lillington, Harnett County, Harnett County Economic Development, The City of Dunn, The Town of Angier and The North Carolina Board of Nursing. These websites can range from the highly regulated and standardized, to friendly, service driven hubs of information. Common elements include:

  • Brand & Identity
  • Department Information
  • Staff & Board Member Directories
  • Event Calendar & Announcements
  • Statistics & Demographics
  • Jump Links and Related Resources
  • Contact Methods & Forms
  • White Papers & PDF Content
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Specialized Forms & Data Collection

The goal is for high efficiency, high functionality and a successful government brand that exhibits professionalism. Government sites can tend to get rather complex, but we are always on the lookout for a simpler approach.

Nurture Your Online Presence

You may feel like you have a pretty good handle on content, but need some help with you visual representation. Or, is it the other way around and you are in need of a full content audit. Regardless, Corner Tab has a wealth of experience collaborating with Government agencies. We find them full of interesting, down to earth people that have a passion for the work they perform and the people they serve. We welcome the opportunity to get to know your team! Consider the possibilities and let us help.

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