Logo & Identity Design Samples

The Identity Design Process

The Logo Process | Concept | Corner Tab Creative

Creative Direction & Discussion

Let's talk about potential logo designs that are right for your business. Whether you are redesigning or starting from scratch, there are certainly specific elements that come into play. What colors are important? Is there a basic font format that you have in mind? Is there a particular object or icon that fits well for your business? We can discuss before getting started and plan accordingly.

The Logo Process | Create | Corner Tab Creative

Create Various Designs for Consideration

Get the creative juices flowing! It's time to brainstorm ideas, sketch out concepts and experiment with shape, dimension, tone, fonts and color. We develop an appropriate number of choice designs that fork in different directions ranging from the expected to something a bit unpredictable. Our goal is to break through the commonality of the first few ideas and conjure up unique elements for your company mark.

The Logo Process | Review | Corner Tab Creative

Get Feedback & Choose the Best Design

We want to know what you think! Our feedback sessions are designed to allow you more voice regarding the logo designs we have worked up. Which ones feel right for your company's image? Are there concepts that stands out? Are there elements that are working well and others that are problematic? Together we study over the options, eliminate designs that are unsuccessful and pinpoint our focus to move into the final stages.

The Logo Process | Refine | Corner Tab Creative

Refinement & Finalization

At this point the decision has been made. Your new logo has been chosen and is ready to be perfected. We'll go over every vector point and pixel of your design and prepare it for use. The process includes all the proper formats and sizes that you might need for print and web. Then the final collection of work is zipped up and delivered to you in one convenient package to be incorporated as needed.