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Heavy on Communication

Construction companies want their website to have similar characteristics like their crews; hardworking, dependable and efficient to name a few. We have the pleasure of managing a number of websites for construction companies in North Carolina, including Sanford Contractors, Wellons Construction, Hall Fence Company, and Smith-Rowe LLC. These companies need a website that performs well and a team that backs them up.

We find construction teams are composed of a diverse group of talented and skilled individuals that are focused on developing vital elements of infrastructure like buildings, roads, land sites, utilities and many other project types in between. These crews are deadline oriented and have limited time to devote to things like website design, company branding and online maintenance, but we are glad to assist and perform those tasks for them.

When we design a construction company website we highlight the company's services prominently, making it crystal clear to customers and online researchers exactly what is offered by a particular crew. Depending on the size and scope of the company, there can be a number of different focuses or a combination of the following:

  • Site Development & Clearing
  • Commercial Building Contractor
  • Residential Building Contractor
  • Bridge and Heavy Civil Construction
  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Demolition Services
  • Full Service Grading
  • Utility Construction
  • Highway Signage Installation
  • Walls and Foundations
  • Marine Construction
  • Erosion and Storm Water Control
  • Curb and Gutter, Pavement Construction
  • And miscellaneous offerings

Every Crew has a Personality

The way a construction site looks and functions should fit the personality of the company and the attitude and characteristics they display on the job. Construction company websites should be straight forward, very visual and boldly stated with no fluff, an outline of capabilities and equipment, an example gallery of completed projects for browsing, astute company information and history and proper methods of contacting and quote requests. Our goal is to build a site that communicates the message powerfully to potential clientele and provides a central hub for marketing and lead generation.

Construction Website Samples

Sanford Contractors

Construction - Sanford, NC

Smith-Rowe, LLC

Construction - Mt. Airy, NC

Hall Fence Company

Construction - Sanford, NC

Wellons Construction

Wellons Construction - Dunn, NC