Frey’s Remodeling Goes Live with New Website

Freys Remodeling Website

Frey’s Remodeling of Cary, North Carolina is now showcasing their exceptional services and spectacular portfolio with a new website by Corner Tab Creative. We collaborated with Chris, Scott, and Sydney (Frey’s management) to design and develop a new approach for their online presence. The previous site had gotten a little stale, with data and imagery…

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Google Search Console, Issue Removing Sitemap

Google Search Console | Sitemap Removal Steps

I ran across a strange issue today concerning Google Search Console’s sitemap removal process. As any web developer that dabbles in search engine optimization would know, Google encourages all websites to have a secure connection via a SSL certificate. They even lower your ranking if your site doesn’t have it. On occasion, I still run…

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Website Won’t Finish Loading, Check Google Chrome Status Bar

Website Takes Forever to Load | Google Chrome Status Bar

This week I was doing regular maintenance on a few WordPress websites and happened to notice that one was taking forever to finish loading. What tipped me off was the progress indicators in Mozilla Firefox (the moving dot) and Google Chrome (the spinning circle) kept going and going and going. It was rather annoying, especially…

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Alternative to Google ReCaptcha V3 for Contact Form 7

Prevent Bot Spam | reCaptcha V3 | CF7 | Honeypot

I think it’s safe to say that everyone hates to get online form spam. I do. And I can’t think why anyone wouldn’t, but to each their own, right. Regardless, my go-to online form spam prevention tool, like many other developers, is reCaptcha, Google’s free “I’m not a robot” checkbox with subsequent “Choose the correct…

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YouTube Embed Option for Related Videos Changes

YouTube Related Videos Option Changed

So, the other day I was asked to embed a YouTube video for a client. Ok, easy enough, I have done it plenty of times and knew just what to do. However, something had changed in YouTube’s “Share>Embed” options. Primarily the checkbox for “Show Related Videos” was now missing. Ok, no problem. I understand that…

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